Why For the Love of Mom was created:

I created this blog specifically for pregnant women and moms.  Mothers are like rough cut diamonds; strong, powerful, and beautiful.  I say rough cut because we usually aren’t appreciated for what we truly are – a beautiful diamond.  I found, while pregnant and after having our son, that the world provides little encouragement and support for pregnant women and mothers.  In fact, we are often left feeling shot down and discouraged.   I want to break free from that template.  My intention is to provide a place of encouragement and support.  Every mom should be uplifted, praised, and told that they are beautiful.  It doesn’t matter if you want to feed your child carrots while every other mom feeds their babies peas.  Those points don’t matter and mothers deserve a place free of judgment.  There isn’t one set of guidelines that will work for every baby, family, or mom.  It is completely fine to do something differently from everyone else.  We need to be encouraged, not questioned, and I hope this site will help do that for each of you. 

About the Site:  

This should be a fun site for everyone.  I’ve tried to cover topics important to moms, and hope to make your journey as a mother a little easier.  If not easier, at least more fun!  This site will celebrate motherhood, encourage you, and (hopefully) help you along the way.  Blogs build over time, so check back often.  In fact, why don’t you follow me!    


Ah, Cooking      

I use to love trying new recipes and waiting in anticipation for my husband’s reaction after taking his first bite.  Now, I’m a mom.  Need I say more?  I am constantly looking for easy, quick, and healthy recipes – shortcuts are a plus.  I will share some of my shortcuts, quick recipes, and inspiration in this section. 

Beauty Boosts

You are beautiful because you are a mom, because you are you, and because you are lovely on the inside.  Beauty is not something that can be purchased at a department store and smeared on our faces.  I named this category Beauty Boosts because I want to provide small tips that can boost the beauty that you already have.   In this section, I’ll focus on beauty.  I’ll not only give tips to help with outer beauty, but I’ll also also try to uplift your souls, which I often find more gratifying.

Family Fun

Quality time is important in many ways; it helps bond a family, deepens connections and relationships, instills family values, makes your children feel loved and special, creates traditions, and so on.  Dedicate one night a week to family fun and watch your family dynamic change.  Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned pro, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and fun activities to try at home.  WARNING: partaking in these activities may cause laughter and fun!

Lovely Stories

Being a mom is a hard job – maybe the hardest we’ll ever have.  While we are all heroes in our own way, there are always unique situations that tend to stand out – situations that tug at our heart strings, causing us to give a (figurative) standing ovation to those special mothers.  Mothers who overcome, push on, push out, motivate, and inspire us all.  This section of my blog is dedicated to those mothers and their inspiring stories. 

Must Haves

Every mom has a list of must-haves – a list of items that either aid in her survival as a juggle-it-all mom or items that simply make her day a little happier.  This section will contain a complete list of must-have items – #1   Caffeine!

New Kid on the Block

I love babies and love hearing all the details of their big day.  It is such an amazing feeling when your little one enters the world, and each little face deserves some oohs and ahhs.  I’ll post subscriber birth announcements here.  Contact me if you want the birth of your little one announced!

Q & A

Moms (me included) are always asking questions.  I don’t think it is because we don’t know the answers.  I think it is because we need confirmation that our instincts are correct.  We love our little peanuts so much and strive to do what’s best for them.  As a result, we torture ourselves.  I think I may torture myself more than others because I’m a knowledge junkie.  I’m constantly on the Internet doing research on development, growth, food, play and so on.  I want to be well-educated so that I can be the best mom I can be.  I think I need to take a breather, but at least I’m well-informed for you gals! 

You can ask questions here or shoot me an email.  If I don’t know the answer then I’ll find it.  My responses will be unbiased and I’ll focus on the facts.  I believe that every baby, family, and mom is different.  There isn’t one formula (mathematically speaking) that works for everyone, but knowledge is a good start to finding what works.  I’ll answer your questions in this section.

Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!


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