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Side-Strap Handbag

A great side-strap handbag is a must-have for a mom.  And bonus, they are trendy!  I free up my hands by using a handbag with a long strap that can easily be thrown across the chest and out of the way.  It is also very convenient and easy to access my wallet with one hand.  Moms carry so many things; diaper bags, car seats, babies, and so on.  Have one less thing to “carry” by investing in a side-strap handbag.    

On a side note, while searching for a great picture to demonstrate the side-strap handbag, I came across these new must-haves of my own.  I may have to splurge on a blue handbag this spring (one with a long strap).  Aren’t they fabulous? 



Must-have Monday: Dispenser

My formula dispenser is one thing I’ve come to cherish.  It is top on my must-have list.  I have pre-measured formula at my fingertips.  I can hold my son in one arm and make his bottle with the other.  It is very convenient.  I also have the luxury of carrying a lighter diaper bag because I only pack what is needed, rather than lugging around an entire tub of formula.  When your son or daughter outgrows the need for formula, use the dispenser to travel with pre-portioned snacks.  You can also use it in the future to organize small craft items like stickers, glitter, erasers, and so on.  There are many styles and brands to choose from.  Here are two.          


Pros: inexpensive, easy to use with one hand, lightweight and not bulky

Cons: only has three compartments, so you will need more than one. 

Packin’ Smart

Pros: holds enough formula for an 8 oz bottle and more snacks, carry as much or as little as you need, convenient handle   

Cons: a more expensive option, requires both hands to use

Eye Can Get Use to This

I must share one of my favorite beauty items.  I was introduced to Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion almost two years ago and immediately fell in love.  The primer makes my eye shadow look freshly applied – even at the end of the day.  My eye shadow stays put without smears or creases.  It is amazing.  My love for this product has grown since having Kaden.  It is a great product for any woman, but is especially amazing for busy moms.  I use the primer when I have a work event, dinner, church, meeting, or any activity after work.  I can go, go, go with fresh-looking makeup.  I will try the foundation primer next and expect to love it as much as the eye shadow primer.  I purchased the primer at Sephora, but you can also purchase it online.  The prices may seem a little high, but it lasts a long time.  I’ve been using the same tube for nearly two years.  

Happy Shopping!  

Full Size Primer $18

Travel Size $8

Box of Potions $38 ($88 value)

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