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An Uplifting Message: Give Yourself a Break

We are so tough on ourselves, aren’t we?  We make decisions for our children – sound, well-thought out, well-researched, I know this is the right way decisions – and then we turn out to be our worst critics.  I do this ALL the time – mostly over small things that shouldn’t really matter.  One day I’ll be thinking about how we should try to give our son more food to see if he’ll eat it.  The next day I worry that we are over feeding him.  It is always something isn’t it? 

I think we torture ourselves because we love our little ones to no end, and we want to do what is best for them.  We want to be a perfect mom and do everything the right way, because we feel they deserve nothing but the best.  We feel a great responsibility to do everything perfectly for our children.  After all, everything always comes back to the mom, right?  At least that is what is in the back of our minds.  We want people to say, “oh, your children are little angels, they are perfect, I’ve never seen one cuter,…”  We are invested in our children and they are a product of our direction, love, discipline, and…

When it comes to the big stuff we really stress, don’t we?  When it comes to parenting topics, there will always be a big debate.  There will always be someone out there to tell you that what you are doing is wrong.  It doesn’t matter what you do, it is wrong.  Well, that is not what For the Love of Mom is about.  I want you to feel uplifted and encouraged.  No two families, moms, or babies are the same; there isn’t one formula that works for every family.  I’ll be the first one to say, “Who cares?”  Who cares if your baby isn’t wearing socks?  Who cares if your baby’s nails are a little long?  (Actually, I’ll never even look at your baby’s nails.)  Who cares how much they eat or how often?  Who cares if your son is wearing high-water pants (I say that because my son has been wearing high-waters for the past month.  It took forever for the weather to warm up this year and I refused to spend money on “winter” clothes when I knew 80 degree weather was right around the corner and my son has tons of spring clothes waiting to be worn.)       

All I care about is that little children are loved.  They deserve kisses, hugs, and tickles.  They deserve quality time with their parents.  My 8 month old has laughed so hard that he’s cried and couldn’t catch his breath.  It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen or heard.  I didn’t even know it was possible for an 8 month old.  I must say, that was my proudest “mom” moment to-date.  If I can make my son that happy then I feel like I’ve done the best job I can.  If children are loved then everything else will follow; they won’t be abused, they will be fed, and they will have a roof over their heads.  I would much rather watch a kid run into the arms of a parent picking them up from day care than to see a neglected kid at home with mom.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to do something.  You have to discipline, direct, shape, mold, and instill values.  I just think you need to decide what works for you, your children, and your family.  Then, do it the best way you know how, rather than getting sucked into the tornado of judgment and negativity.

I don’t know many of you personally, but I feel it safe to assume you wouldn’t  subscribe to a blog that didn’t support your efforts as a mother or parent.  With that said, I feel comfortable saying I think you are all great moms (parents).   

 Continue loving your children and give yourself a break from-time-to-time.  I’ll try to do the same.  Love and support other moms and dads even if they aren’t doing things exactly like you would.  Who cares, right? 

There isn’t a distinct purpose for this post other than reminding you that For the Love of Mom was created as an outlet for support and encouragement.  If you like For the Love of Mom, then please share!  If you haven’t yet subscribed, but find yourself on the site often, then why don’t you subscribe?!  (see right navigation bar).   

Enjoy this beautiful, sunny day! (well, it’s sunny where I live)



I can’t think of a better day to celebrate the majority of my readers.  It takes a strong, determined, loving woman to go through life giving the love, support, encouragement, discipline, and direction children need to grow to be wonderful people.  I’m the first to admit that this the hardest, most time-consuming, exhausting, and emotional job we will ever have.  But isn’t it so worth it?  You all deserve to celebrate – whatever that means to you.  I hope you have a great day.  Thank you for all you do for your children.  It is no small feat.

I want to hear about your special day from your tear-jerking gifts – to where you went for lunch.   

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Ideas

It is Wednesday….mid-week….we are on the down hill toward Sunday….which is Mother’s Day!  Dads, are the plans made?  Mom’s have you gotten excited about your special day?  Sons and Daughters, have you been working on that special gift for your mother? 

Mother’s Day is much more meaningful to me this year.  It isn’t more meaningful because I’m a “mother” and get to celebrate, but because I now know how it feels to be a mother.  Emotionally, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  My heart has been filled with much more love than I ever thought possible and continues to grow with each day, which also seems impossible.  I now belong to the “it is indescribable, you’ll know when you’re a mother” club.   I love my son more than life itself and could never begin to explain the love I have for him (hence the name of the club).  I’m thrilled to call  myself a member.  To me, Mother’s Day feels like a day more for my son than for me.  I don’t feel as though I need this grand recognition for anything I’ve done during my short time being a mother.  In fact, I don’t want recognition.  The things I do are for my son, not for myself.  My recognition will come when he is 25 and shows me what a great man he’s turned out to be.  The job isn’t easy, but I never asked for it to be.  If my life is busy it is because I choose to be present in my son’s life, as I’m sure you all can relate.  I know my husband is planning something great and I’ll be thankful, but I’m really just looking forward to spending the day with my son.   

If you are looking for a great Mother’s Day gift for your mom, then these ideas may help.  I want to hear about amazing, meaningful, Mother’s Day gifts you’ve either given or received.  I can always use ideas. 

Check out Social Graces post on DIY Concertina Photo Album.   Doesn’t it look fabulous?  It is an easy DIY project.

I recently created a photobook on Shutterfly.  I had a free coupon and had free shipping, so it was free.  I decided that I’d make a book for Kaden, so I turned the photobook into a story book.  You can see the exact book I made here.  I’m biased, but I think it turned out perfect.  Many relatives have seen gushed about the book – a response we didn’t quite expect.  We are going to make story books to give out for Grandparent’s Day this September (if you know Kaden’s grandparents, then shhhhh!).  However, I think it is a great idea for mother’s day as well.  

Click here for gift ideas for mothers in every stage of motherhood – new mom to empty nester.   Some ideas are a little corny, but if you love The Holiday, you’ll appreciate me saying, “some moms are looking for corny in their lives.”  Do you remember a similar line in the movie?  I think I have the entire movie memorized.  Getting back on track,  there are also some really great ideas. 

Tell me something wonderful about your little one(s).  Do you have special gift ideas?

Who says you can’t change: new FTLOM!

First, let me apologize for going MIA.  Sometimes we all have to take a step back to do some restructuring.  Most blogs are centered around the author….my blog is centered around YOU.  With that in mind, I will periodically evaluate For the Love of Mom to ensure I’m providing relevant information that interests you.

After evaluating the poll results, submitted by readers, I’ve made some changes.  Please continue to provide feedback as For the Love of Mom is always evolving.

Now, let’s move on to the interesting part…

I’m eliminating two categories; birth announcements and inspirational stories.  While these topics had some interest, the majority of you communicated that you prefer to read about other topics.  In addition, these topics are very specific to one individual or group of individuals.  Readership continues to spread nation-wide, causing these topics to be more and more irrelevant to readers.

I’m adding a new category; chasing date night.  Many of you asked for this!  Having children is wonderful and exciting; it is also very exhausting.  It is easy to get caught up in parenthood; letting romance go to the way-side.  Even the closest of couples need rejuvenated every now and then, and a healthy relationship makes for a happier home for mom, dad, and the children.  I hope you enjoy the new category!

I’m moving one category; beauty boosts.  There are mixed reviews for this topic.  Some of you love the posts, while others could do without.  Even though we are all striving to look our best with little almost zero “me” time, the topic doesn’t seem to fit with the other categories.  Don’t worry, lovers of this topic, I’ll soon launch a blog designed just for you – Reclaimed Stilettos!  The blog will be about fashion, beauty, and much more!  It will all be focused round getting our “mom” grove back – hence the name RECLAIMED Stilettos.  Stay tuned for the announcement!

I’m keeping these categories; cooking, family fun, parenting and mom must-haves.  The majority of you indicated that you enjoy these categories. 

NOW for the NEW For the Love of Mom structure

Categories/Planned Posts

  • Ah, Cooking – 2 recipes per week; one quick-and-easy and one fun/new recipe
  • Family Fun – 1 post per week; fun activities for the kids or family
  • Parenting – 1 post per week; a wide range of topics
  • Must-haves – 1 per week; items to make our jobs a little easier (or more exciting)
  • Chasing Date Night – 1 post per week; a wide range of posts from date ideas, to communication tips….the list goes on.
  • Q & A – Ask me questions.  If I don’t know the answer, then I’ll find it.  I’ll post randomly when questions are asked. 

** I’m somewhat spontaneous, so I may deviate from this schedule from time-to-time. 

Are you are all excited about the new For the Love of Mom?  Please continue to post and provide feedback.


I’m restructuring and need your feedback

I’m taking your feedback and restructuring the site.  I’ll present my new content and direction this week.  I think you’ll like it!!  If you haven’t taken the poll, then please do so (see right navigation bar).  I want to provide relevant information and discuss topics that you are interested in.

Stay tuned…

This Just In: 111 Photos for $1.11

Snapfish is celebrating their 11th birthday by offering 111 photo prints for just $1.11 plus shipping and handling! Just use promo code 11PRINTS at checkout. Expires 4/5/11.

Shipping should be approximately $6, making this a great price for photo prints at just about $0.07 per print.

Now, that’s a good way to celebrate a birthday!  Enjoy!

Deal Seeking Mom

I love Deal Seeking Mom!  It is one of the best websites to find coupons, freebies, and tips on saving money.  You can visit the website when you are looking for coupons, or you can register to have the latest deals delivered directly to your inbox.  Not everything in the email will apply to you and it will be different each week, but I usually find great deals and, if I’m lucky, free items.  I thought I’d share!

Below is a copy and paste from the email I received this week.  Some weeks are better, some are worse, but this list is a good summary of Deal Seeking Mom offers.     

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